Ari loves being involved in her community and making a difference. She likes to call herself a "Philanthropist in Training" because she loves people and loves to give back to others. She is always thinking of ways she can give back to deserving people from her church she attends to teachers to parents and children. She is actively finding ways to positively affect others and bring joy to people because she strongly feels and believes that this is her purpose in life.

Teacher Giveaway 2020

In September, Ari and her husband, Austin, decided they wanted to do a teacher giveaway to give back to some deserving public school educators from all over the country on their podcast.

Check it out here:



Christmas Giveaway 2020

Ari and Austin teamed up with Ari's sister, Talisha, and her husband, Patrick, from the On the Up and Up with Patrick & Talisha podcast to do a Christmas Giveaway to some deserving families in the Upstate of SC! They were blessed to partner with a local, private sponsor who funded the giveaway and allowed them to bring some joy to these families for the Christmas holiday!

Check it out here:

Announcement of Winners

Check out our video delivering gifts to these awesome families below!

Want to get involved in giving back???

If you, your business, or organization would like to be a sponsor for any of Ari's Giveaways, please email our team at to let us know! We will get back with you and let you know about all of our sponsorship opportunities so we can plug you in to a cause that will be the best fit for you!